The Chesterton Club of Granada: A worthy & interesting initiative

Check out this impressive endeavor by the Chesterton Club of Granada.

While I operate under the imperfect tools of google-translate and my own hodgepodge of Romance language nous, what is quite clear is this:

The readers and writers of this site have a practical missionary aim: to help the world think like Chesterton.

They have short pieces on particular themes, in addition to longer, in-depth essays on a few of Chesterton’s works.  It seems that they are also hoping to improve Spanish language translations from the original English of Chesterton’s essays and books.

*More later, as I sift through their nice site.  In the meantime, in no particular order, I exhort you to stay salty, eschew aschemiolatry**, resist, root out, and overcome the barbaric, and say NO to gnosticism.


*Each of the above may be accomplished by reading Chesterton.

**Credit goes to the one and only Thomas Bertonneau for coining the term aschemiolatry, or, the cult or worship of ugliness, which we find so useful a word in our post-Christian gnostocracy (another of his – and our – favorite words).


July 30th, 1922

ChestertonPortrait1922: In response to the news that Chesterton had been received into the Catholic church, George Bernard Shaw exclaimed, “No, Gilbert, now you are going too far.”

Today, July 30th, we celebrate the anniversary of Chesterton’s formal entry into communion after his long intellectual and spiritual journey. Lucky for us, we can follow along with him posthumously, encountering surprising friends and kindred spirits on the path, while recharging in those necessary supplies of hope, humor and common sense that each of us desperately needs for our own journey.

August with the ACS

On the map:  We head southbound for a return visit to the Pegasus Restaurant in Coxsackie, 10885 Rte 9W, 12051.

On the calendar:  (Our usual 1st Thursday) August 7th.

On tap:  Possibly veal cutlets (check the restaurant link because we don’t really know), but certainly free-flowing discussion of the middle section of The Napoleon of Notting Hill, chapters Enter a Lunatic (Book II, Chapter 3), through The Battle of the Lamps (Book IV, Chapter 1).

city men out on all fours in a field covered with veal cutlets

city men out on all fours in a field covered with veal cutlets