Monthly Readings & Watering Holes

We meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7 o’clock.  As for location, we move around a bit, and thus advise all to double-check each month to be sure.  Our regular watering hole is Smith’s Restaurant of Cohoes thanks to their gracious hospitality, amenable acoustics, chef Stefan’s menu and their Chestertonian ambiance. ***At present we are testing out Scarborough’s in Latham!***

 Our Next Meeting (at Scarborough’s in Latham), will take place on Thursday, December 1st, at 7:00 PM, kicking off what we expect to be a 2-month sojourn through GKC’s “biography” of Charles Dickens.

Previous Reading Selections & VenuessmithFront

November – St. Francis of Assisi @ Scarborough’s

October – St. Francis of Assisi at the Alexis Diner

September – St. Francis of Assisi at Smith’s

August – The Woman Who Was Chesterton @ Doreen’s house.

July – no meeting

June – The Woman Who Was Chesterton at Smith’s

May – WWWTW / The Woman…

April – WWWTW

March – WWWTW

February – WWWTW

January – No Meeting :(

December – WWWTW

November – WWWTW

October – WWWTW

September – WWWTW

August – WWWTW

July – WWWTW

June 4, WWWTW – 7, 8, & 9 at Smith’s.

May 7, WWWTW – 4, 5, & 6 at Smith’s.

April 9, What’s Wrong With The World – 1, 2 & 3 at Smith’s

March 5, A Short History of England – chapters 13-18 at Smith’s

February 5, A Short History of England – chapters 7-12 at Smith’s

January 1, A Short History of England – chapters 1-6, at a Chestertonian Homestead.

December, TCQT – chapters 5 & 6, at Smith’s of Cohoes.

November: TCQT – ch. 3 & 4, at Pegasus Restaurant.

October: The Club of Queer Trades – ch. 1 & 2, at Smith’s.

September: TNNH, Book V, ch. 2 (The Correspondent of the Court Journal) to the End.  Location: Smith’s

August: TNNH, Book II, chapter III (Enter A Lunatic) – Book IV, chapter 1 (The Battle of the Lamps), Location: Pegasus.

July: The Napoleon of Notting Hill, (all of Book I, plus Chapters 1 & 2 of Book II) at a Chestertonian homestead.

June: Manalive, Part II, The Explanations of Innocent Smith, at Smith’s.

May: Manalive, Part I, The Enigma of Innocent Smith,
The Pegasus Restaurant

April: The Everlasting Man, Part II, Conclusion (Smith’s of Cohoes)

March: The Everlasting Man, Part II, Chapter 5 & 6. (Smith’s)

Feb: The Everlasting Man, Part II, Chapter 3 & 4.  (Smith’s)

Jan. 2014:  The Everlasting Man, Part II, Chapter 2 (Smith’s).

Dec. 5, 2013: The Everlasting Man, Part II, Chapter 1 ~ The God in the Cave (Smith’s)

Nov. 7, 2013:  The Everlasting Man, Chapter 8, The End of the World (Smith’s)

Oct. 2013:  The Everlasting Man, Chapter 7(Finnbar’s)

*Sept. 21 – ROCHESTERTON Conference!*

Sept. 2013:  The Everlasting Man, Chapters 5 & 6 (Finnbar’s Pub)

Aug. 2013: TBA (8/1-8/3: American Chesterton Society 32nd Annual Conferece)

July, 2013: The Everlasting Man, Chapter 3: “The Antiquity of Civilisation” (Finnbar’s Pub)

June 2013: The Everlasting Man, Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (private venue – email us!)

May 2013: The Man Who Was Thursday, a metaphysical thriller!  (Location: TBA)

April 2013: Essays, Poetry, & Quotes, etc(bring something to read aloud! Location: Finnbar’s Pub)

March 2013: Orthodoxy, Chapter IX: Authority & the Adventurer  (Finnbar’s Pub)

Feb. 2013: Orthodoxy, Chapter VIII: The Romance of Orthodoxy  (Finnbar’s Pub)

Jan. 2013: Orthodoxy, Chapter VII: The Eternal Revolution (Finnbar’s)

Dec. 2012: Orthodoxy, Chapter VI:  The Paradoxes of Christianity  (1760 Manor Inn & Pub RIP)

Nov. 2012: Orthodoxy, londondrinkthepigsear1Chapter V:  The Flag of the World. (1760 Manor Inn & Pub and 2.0 @ Finnbar’s)

Oct. 2012: Orthodoxy, Chapter IV:  The Ethics of Elfland (1760 Manor Inn & Pub)

Sept. 2012: Orthodoxy, Ch. III:  The Suicide of Thought (The Orchard Tavern)

Aug. 2012:  Orthodoxy, Chapter II:  The Maniac (The Orchard Tavern)images-6

July 2012:  OrthodoxyIntroduction in Defense of Everything Else                 (The Orchard Tavern)

June 2012:  Heretics, Ch. XI-XX  (The Lofts, Cohoes)

May 2012:  Heretics, Ch. I-X (Olde English Pub)

April 2012:  Favorite Father Brown Stories (Holmes & Watson Pub)

March 2012: Dale Ahlquist’s The Apostle of Common Sense (Holmes & Watson Pub, Troy)


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