Share your Chesterton Story

We delight in the personal anecdotes of kindred Chestertonians! 

Tell us how you discovered GKC!

What do you love about his writings?

Perhaps share a favorite quote!

What brought you to the Albany Chesterton Society, either online or in person?

“You have not wasted your time; you have helped to save the world.  We are not buffoons, but very desperate men at war with a vast conspiracy.”

– The Man Who Was Thursday


Texanne writes

I first discovered G. K. Chesterton, when I became aware of the fact that I kept encountering quotes by him in articles and books on widely disparate subjects, by writers of every political persuasion, area of expertise and style — and I just had to find out who is this man who had something important and memorable to say about everything!

Now, when I pick up something to read, I know that it is not unlikely that I will encounter a quote by or reference to Chesterton, and today (Aug 30) it is in an article in the Telegraph by Carol Blue about her late husband, Christopher Hitchens, posted on Arts & Letters Daily. Mr. Hitchens was very ill and in hospital, but still working away, thinking, writing, and holding court, and wrote a note asking that his wife bring his Nietzsche, Mencken and Chesterton books. Never at a loss for “artful conversation,” Christopher Hitchens kept his arsenal well-stocked to the very end.


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