Civilized Gatherings and Summertime Meanderings

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the club (or the swordstick, if you prefer),

The Corrigan family extend our sincere thanks for your company, good cheer and adventurous flexibility in joining us for a home-cooked ACS June meeting.  If hospitality is a Christian virtue, it is certainly more fun to practice it with a hearty and rollicking gang of Chestertonians.  An open invitation remains for any friends inspired to help us polish off the accumulated excess of adult beverages.

For July, we shall return to our regular GKC-1stomping ground, Finnbar’s Pub in Troy, and the conversation will be dedicated to The Everlasting Man, Chapter 3: The Antiquity of Civilisation.

Also – a reminder to one and all – make your reservations now for the American Chesterton Society conference at Assumption College in Worcester, MA.  It is not to be missed!  (And as a nearby local chapter, we should aim to win the participation prize).

Yours in common sense,