Chesterton Link of the Week

Chesterton & Friends, official website of The Baton Rouge Chesterton Club

“Mission:  To connect you with the most prolific writer of the 20th century: G.K. Chesterton, who wrote about EVERYTHING!”

Greetings to our friends in Louisiana from Upstate NY!  Keep spreading the gospel of Common Sense!


Gilbert, hot off the presses!

Kudos to Gilbert Magazine and The American Chesterton Society for the visually exquisite cover of their latest edition!  Join the American Chesterton Society and automatically receive a subscription to Gilbert Magazine, plus discounts on books and merchandise.

(Ro)chesterton, NY: 9th Annual Conference

Our kindred friends of the Rochester, NY Chesterton Society will host a day-long event, History We Don’t Know: Lepanto, King Arthur, the Real England, Fatima on Saturday, September 29th.

Road trip, anyone?


Mark your calendar for our September gathering…

Thursday, September 6th

7 o’clock in the evening

68 N. Manning Blvd.

Orthodoxy, Chapter III*
The Suicide of Thought