The Mothership: American Chesterton Society

Cause for Sainthood:  Downloadable Prayer Card

Prayer Cards in 11 languages plus a special Pro-Life card

Canon John Udris, has been appointed by Bishop Peter Doyle of the Diocese of Northampton (ENG) to conduct the preliminary investigation into Chesterton’s suitability for possible canonisation.  Canon Udris is the spiritual director of Oscott Seminary.

Press Release from the Diocese of Northampton (ENG)

Press Release of the American Chesterton Society

Chestertonians & Chestertonia

G.K. Chesterton Society of Ireland

Chesterton Club of Granada (ESP)

Western PA Chesterton Society

NYC Chesterton Society

Rochester NY Chesterton Society

St. Sebastian (Akron) Chesterton Society


G.K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture of Seton Hall University

Project Gutenberg eBooks

American Chesterton Society on YouTube

Great web source of GKC material

Sierra Leone Chesterton Center

Chesterton Academy

Chesterton Schools Network

Chesterton in Poland


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