As Advent approaches…

A reminder: ImageWe will meet next Thursday, December 6th, at 7 o’clock at 1760 Manor Inn & Pub to discuss Orthodoxy, Chapter 6: The Paradoxes of Christianity.

Whether you’ve been with us every month, or have just stumbled upon our little blog for the first time, all are welcome!  Bring your copy of Orthodoxy and cash in small bills (so we can split the tab ourselves.  ACS T-shirts will also be available for purchase ($13) – a fun Christmas gift idea!).  Join us for what will surely be another excellent gathering of cheerful company, thoughtful conversation, and – as always – abounding common sense.

Your friends at ACS.


December Meeting: Orthodoxy, Chapter VI

ImageDear friends in Chesterton,

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am THANKFUL for G.K. Chesterton, for his wit and wisdom, for his HOPE, which encourages me today, some 105 years after the publication of Orthodoxy.  And I am thankful for you, friends of ACS, for your company and great conversation since we kicked off our group last March!

As we continue our month by month journey through Orthodoxy, we will gather again for our First Thursday dose of Common Sense:

Thursday, December 6th

7 o’clock in the evening

1760 Manor Inn & Pub

Orthodoxy, Chapter VI, “The Paradoxes of Christianity”

Updates in Elfland (i.e. your computer, Finnbar’s Pub in Troy NY, and Россия)

Two points of interest this week:

Tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm EST (7pm CST) there will be a VIRTUAL meeting of the American Chesterton Society, which sounds fun to be sure – who knows?  Perhaps our ACS mystery reader from Russia will tune in!  (Go to this link to sign up / sign in and instantly find yourself in the company of Chestertonians nationwide, and beyond!) (Yes, it’s true, the web page for the Albany Chesterton Society has a Russian visitor – фантастический! как здорово, что?)

Also, a reminder in case you missed last week’s Albany Chesterton Society gathering, we will be meeting up TOMORROW, thursday at 7pm at Finnbar’s Pub in Troy (formerly Holmes & Watson, our first – but short-lived – home!) for a second hoisting of The Flag of the World (Orthodoxy, Chapter 5).  (NB this is also open to nuts like me who did NOT miss last week’s gathering)

In these polarized times we live in, while confusion seems to reign concerning matters of the State, allegiances, politics and authority… What flag do we fly?  Reading Chesterton reminds me to look up, and sometimes upside-down, at the world and my place in it.  Your refreshing company and common-sense banter, Chesterton and the community he avails us of, provide a dose of hope and mirth!


Your friends at ACS

The Flag of the World – November ACS Gathering TONIGHT

Tonight (Thursday, November 1st, the Feast of All Saints!), we will gather to discuss The Flag of the World, Chapter 5 of GKC’s Orthodoxy.

7 o’clock in the evening

1760 Manor Inn & Pub

499 2nd Ave. Troy (alternately listed as Lansingburgh)

  • Promised: Good company, good food and drink, and COMMON SENSE.
  • Possible (and indeed likely): unraveling-but-fascinating tangents, t-shirts for sale, and some Gilbert Magazine tidbits.
  • Not on the agenda:  No drivel, no banalities, no claptrap, and absolutely NO JARGON, all of which are officially banned, per ACS bylaws.*

We hope you’ll join us for our monthly ‘pint and a bite and a rollicking discussion.’
~ Your friends at the Albany Chesterton Society

*ACS bylaws are imaginary, but can be conjured by the common man using common sense!