The Ethics of Elfland – October ACS

This Thursday, October 4th, the Albany Chesterton Society will gather for our monthly frolic through Orthodoxy.

Join us at the 1760 Manor Inn & Pub from 7pm-9(ish) for a pint, a bite, and a rollicking discussion of Chapter 4 of Chesterton’s masterpiece, Orthodoxy.

Whether you’re new to the group (or even new to Chesterton), have missed the first 3 chapters of Orthodoxy, or haven’t missed a single ACS meeting – all are welcome!  We have a grand time and manage to kick around a few fun thoughts and more than a little banter in the company of fellow common sense-seekers.  For anyone in the Albany area who takes joy in Chesterton’s wit and wisdom, don’t miss Thursday’s gathering!

For more information, you can always reach us at

Hope to see you this week.