The Everlasting Man, audio seminar!

Three audio seminars on the webpage of the Institute of Catholic Culture.  Check it out!Chesterton copy 2


February Gathering

Chesterton copyWhen:  Thursday, February 6th

What:  The Everlasting Man, Part II, Chapters 3 & 4

The Strangest Story in the World & The Witness of the Heretics 

Why:  Because “sensibility is the definition of life.” (Heretics)

Who:  Regulars, Sympathizers, Newcomers, Family, Friends

Where: Smith’s of Cohoes


A Kindred Spirit Across the Sea

Hat tip to Luke for sharing this sweet homage to our favorite author.  Alas, Portuguese is not my strong suit, but it is wonderful to see G.K. Chesterton receiving more attention worldwide.  The way I see it, GKC’s writing is like Truth.  Eventually, IT WINS.

Sooner or later, starving, dehydrated spirits do find what they crave.  And when they do, it is like drinking from a fire hydrant.  Sheesh, any analogy would struggle, but – you know what I mean, eh?

Olá do outro lado do mar a partir de uma alma gêmea. Obrigado por seu lindo escrito e site!





Tonight’s gathering at has been cancelled in expectation of continued heavy snowfall.

Our spot has been reserved at Smith’s for next Thursday, 7 o’clock.  Hope to see you then!