The Chesterton Club of Granada: A worthy & interesting initiative

Check out this impressive endeavor by the Chesterton Club of Granada.

While I operate under the imperfect tools of google-translate and my own hodgepodge of Romance language nous, what is quite clear is this:

The readers and writers of this site have a practical missionary aim: to help the world think like Chesterton.

They have short pieces on particular themes, in addition to longer, in-depth essays on a few of Chesterton’s works.  It seems that they are also hoping to improve Spanish language translations from the original English of Chesterton’s essays and books.

*More later, as I sift through their nice site.  In the meantime, in no particular order, I exhort you to stay salty, eschew aschemiolatry**, resist, root out, and overcome the barbaric, and say NO to gnosticism.


*Each of the above may be accomplished by reading Chesterton.

**Credit goes to the one and only Thomas Bertonneau for coining the term aschemiolatry, or, the cult or worship of ugliness, which we find so useful a word in our post-Christian gnostocracy (another of his – and our – favorite words).


4 thoughts on “The Chesterton Club of Granada: A worthy & interesting initiative

  1. Thank you for your very nice post, and your very kind words. It is great to know about other people in the world doing the same things, enjoying and learning with Chesterton. We hope for your visits and comments, if you like: you will be welcome!
    Club Chesterton de Granada

    • Thank you, and know that the welcome is mutual, so please come back/ visit our site. Perhaps you would even consider writing a guest post for us in Spanish or in English. It would be my pleasure to exchange any reflections on Chesterton’s philosophy. You also give me some good ideas about possible reorganization of our blog, which is a haphazard mix of meeting announcements and a few longer, meandering reflections.

      • We are happy if you can take some ideas from our Blog. You can also use the material you need: the thing is to spread the thought of Chesterton. And it is fantastic to exchange ideas and materials about him. I can try to translate to English the post or text you will. Keep in touch, Juan Carlos

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