September in Albany

Dare we speak aloud of the encroaching autumn season?  g-k-chesterton_2Ah well, what’s done is done – the cat’s out of the bag.  Forgive me, my jolly muse.  Let us linger in summertime a few weeks more.gk-chesterton

Right, then.  Down to business:

Announcing the September convivium of the Albany Chesterton Society.  We continue our journey through G.K.’s The Everlasting Man, and, true to sequence, we’ll discuss Chapter 5, Man and Mythologies, and Chapter 6, The Demons and Philosophers.

We look forward to gathering with Upstate Chestertonians, be they grizzled regulars or as yet unknown to our rollicking band.  Come on over to Finnbar’s in Troy, upstairs room, 7 o’clock on Thursday, September 5th.