The Flag of the World – November ACS Gathering TONIGHT

Tonight (Thursday, November 1st, the Feast of All Saints!), we will gather to discuss The Flag of the World, Chapter 5 of GKC’s Orthodoxy.

7 o’clock in the evening

1760 Manor Inn & Pub

499 2nd Ave. Troy (alternately listed as Lansingburgh)

  • Promised: Good company, good food and drink, and COMMON SENSE.
  • Possible (and indeed likely): unraveling-but-fascinating tangents, t-shirts for sale, and some Gilbert Magazine tidbits.
  • Not on the agenda:  No drivel, no banalities, no claptrap, and absolutely NO JARGON, all of which are officially banned, per ACS bylaws.*

We hope you’ll join us for our monthly ‘pint and a bite and a rollicking discussion.’
~ Your friends at the Albany Chesterton Society

*ACS bylaws are imaginary, but can be conjured by the common man using common sense!


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