Announcing our next meeting:

When:    Thursday, December 1st, 7 o’clock PM
Where:   Scarborough’s in Latham
What:     Chapters 1-4 of Chesterton’s 1906 book on Dickens (available at amazon
              OR free here) …plus dinner, drinks, or any of the above. 
:      Because it’s rollicking good fun.  Because Chesterton is like medicine;
              because we need friends; because you’d be eating dinner *somewhere* that
              night anyway…
Who:      Readers, thinkers, laughers, wonderers, talkers, listeners, contrarians,
              gentlemen, ladies, well-mannered children, the curious, Dickensians,
              Chestertonians, or anyone who aspires to any of the above.


Biographer Ian Ker calls Chesterton’s writings on Dickens among his very best. Given the busy-ness of the season and (at least this month’s short notice), we’ll limit next meeting to just the first four chapters, but hope to crank out the rest of the book in January so as to keep things moving (of course, ACS follows the organic approach, so who knows!).
We hope to see you!

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