Looking Ahead

Dear ACS friends,

Looking ahead to May of this Spring – we will jump stream mid swim (or what have you) – parting ways with our dog-eared volumes of Orthodoxy and delving into the genre of fiction!


Our ranks have grown since the formative, innocent days of Father Brown stories, and – as our little society has matured – it only seems fitting to embrace The Man Who Was Thursday, (“a nightmare”) – referred to as a “metaphysical thriller.”

Having given some thought to the best way to approach this work of fiction without sacrificing the rhythm and harmony of our group’s meetings, here is what we’ve come to:

March 2013 – final chapter of Orthodoxy, “Authority and the Adventurer”

April 2013 – a light reading month of essay(s), poetry and/or Gilbert Magazine fare

May 2013 – The Man Who Was Thursday (in full)

This way, no one is forced to rush through a novel in one month.  Alternately, no one is discouraged from reading swiftly.  But to split the book in two over two months would surely have created friction.  As it is, there is plenty of time to get your hands on a copy of TMWWT and begin reading at your leisure.  We will wait until May to cover it in discussion, and will aim (though we’re always flexible) to devote one meeting to the entire novel.

In the meantime, we trust you are all enjoying “The Romance of Orthodoxy,” and we look forward to seeing you on February 7th.



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