September & October Chestertonia

Fellowship and Philosophy were enjoyed by all at our September Gathering (Orthodoxy, Chapter III – The Suicide of Thought).

Though we missed the company of a few ACS friends, we are most pleased to have been joined by a new face, Clare!  Welcome also to recent additions to our jolly crew, Cathy, Louise, Margaret, Brian, Jim, Larry, Matt M, and James!  Hope y’all make Chesterton (and ACS) a habit :)


A reminder again that on September 29th, The Rochester NY Chesterton Society will host their annual day conference at St. John Fisher College, and guests include Chesterton celebrities Dale Ahlquist and Joseph Pearce!  View PDF Event Poster:  Rochesterton 2012 History Matters


Announcing, as well, our October meeting and a new trial venue:

Thursday, October 4th ~ 7 o’clock in the evening ~ The Ethics of Elfland (Orthodoxy, Chapter IV) ~ 1760 Manor Inn & Pub ~ 499 2nd Ave. Troy (formerly The Old Daley Inn).

As always, we look forward to gathering for a pint, a bite and a rollicking discussion!  What fun it’s been so far to journey into Orthodoxy among friends!


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